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Nourishing Wisdom

I pick up a recommended book and start to realize that some deep-seeded habits around food and addictions are actually formed pretty early in life. I felt cigarette smoke in the womb even though my mom did not realize it was harmful to her baby. I grew up watching alcohol and cigarettes being consumed every day at the bar my parents owned and lived. And I used to sneak candy from the display and eat it in a tiny corner behind the storage boxes. All normal things, right?

As I read Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David, I start to think about my personal emotional connection to food. My deep desire to help others stems from trying to help myself. Why do I have sugar cravings? Are they real or just habit? What is often experienced as a growing urge for food can be the build-up of tension from artificially suppressing that urge.

As women (and many men) we tend to do more to improve how we look and less to improve who we are. I wonder if we would eat without resistance and shame if we would love who we are more?

Finding healthy food can seem like a daunting task in 2022. From bioengineered cereal bars, oranges injected with dye, to potatoes with zero nutrients due to poor quality soil, we are on the brink of malnutrition.

Alas there is hope! As I coach clients, I usually reinforce the importance of whole, real food, buying at local farmers markets, joining a CSA and empower you to grow your own. However, I also remind clients to eat without punishment. Saying things like “I have to finish this cookie so I can start my diet tomorrow" can be somewhat emotionally abusive. Enjoy the cookie! Love who you are right now. Even if you believe someone looks better, you don’t really know if they feel better.

Habits are formed early and grow deep within us. We sometimes eat when we are lonely, bored, tired or afraid. The emotions we feel around food can be rooted in our family dynamics - like to avoid pain, for example. Food is neutral. It is a ceaseless reminder that we are mortal and earthbound.

I truly love helping people figure the best way to nourish themselves, because I've learned to do it for myself. I am thankful that cigarettes and alcohol did not become a part of my life, however I am still working on getting cookies out of my kitchen!

If you would like to start nourishing yourself better - with food ... in life - reach out! I would love to help you along your journey.


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