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What Our Clients Have To Say

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

" Working with Mary Kate has been a delight. Mary has helped me work through my chronic pain issues and maximizing my weight loss. With Mary's help I have been able to find a program that works for me and shows results. Her expertise and attentiveness led me to find a dairy and egg intolerance that was causing daily headaches, bloating and overall brain fog, that have now subsided. Without her help, I would have never found the root of some of my chronic pain issues. I am so thankful to have found a clinician who takes time for their patients as that isn't always the case."

— A.D. Brooklyn, NY


"I was skeptical at first about any weight loss program, but I knew I had to do something to get my weight under control before menopause.  I am down 14 pounds, I have a more positive attitude in spite of daily trials, my menopausal symptoms have subsided, and sweet cravings have decreased.  I understand my body's reactions better and the suggested supplements have also helped my mood, sleep, etc.  Great Program!"

— L.A. Lansdale, PA

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I truly can't thank you enough. You helped me more than you know. In April, I felt lost and like I was getting old and falling into the trap of "I guess this is just what happens" like what I have heard in my family since I was a kid. You've helped me realize that I don't have to accept that, that there are always natural options. It has honestly changed my whole outlook on life. 

— J.C. Lafayette Hill, PA

I feel so much better!  I have no bloating, no aches and pains, and I have lost 10 pounds.  I am off my reflux medication and have not experienced any reflux for over a month.  My energy level is great and I have never felt better in my life!  This is not a fad diet, it is a way of life and it has not been hard at all.  Mary Kate is so knowledgeable and so helpful.  I am glad I made the call!

— N.C., PA

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I was skeptical that I would have any success at first because I had numerous tests and appointments with traditional medicine providers without any luck.  However, after my first appointment I completed TRIAD testing which revealed numerous issues.  Mary Kate designed a program for me, and in a matter of weeks I was seeing major improvements in my leg pain, fatigue and brain fog.  Months later, I am feeling better than I have in years and I am pleased with my progress.  I am more aware of what and how I am feeling.  I have lost 15 pounds, increased energy levels significantly, and previous symptoms of leg pain are gone.  Ignore any reservations you may have and just try a consultation.  My results have truly been life changing.

— B.W. Lewistown, PA

"As a pharmacist, I am well aware of the dangers of being overweight.  Once I entered my 50s, weight became a constant struggle.  I came to Mary Kate to help me with this.  Not only did I lose 28 pounds in 14 weeks, but I feel better and have more energy than I have in years.  The program is easy to follow and you eat real food, no prepackaged stuff.  Mary Kate celebrated every pound I lost!  She even helped plan out my meals before I went on vacation.  I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved and highly recommend her programs to others.  It is no longer a 'diet' but a way of life I will follow for the rest of my life."

C.Z. Ambler, PA

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The first change I noticed was a burst of energy.  I was lacking the essential B vitamins and amino acids due to a poor vegetarian diet.  I was only sleeping about 14 hours a week and I was working 66-hour weeks, so I was constantly drained.  About 1 week into treatment, I slept for about 6 hours straight for the first time in months.  Throughout this whole process I learned more about myself:  what foods I can eat, why I react a certain way to other foods and many other very important lessons.  I fell in love with cooking healthy foods and noticed that you truly are what you eat!  I feel I have more energy, better sleep, better mood, clearer skin, no more adverse reactions to simple foods and I’m able to maintain a healthy weight while gaining muscle which was hard to achieve before.  I no longer struggle with weight gain because I know the foods that are right for me.  It is worth investing the time and energy into yourself because you only have one body.  If you want the most out of life, healing from the inside out is the only way to do it and Mary Kate can get you there.

— D.P., PA

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