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FREE 15-Minute


Chat with Functional Nutritionist & Owner, Mary Kate Gowdy, about your current health status, goals and how PRNW can help you!

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Follow Up Consults

Let's catch up!


We will review our plan, current symptoms, improvements, and make changes as necessary for optimal success.


New Client Consultations

Together with an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, you will dive deep into your health history, current health and personal goals.  You will end your session with a customized wellness plan to get you started on your wellness journey. 

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For Our Locals


Schedule your Free 15-Minute Consultation with Registered Nurse, Health Coach & Reflexologist, Naomi Williams, to see if Reflexology is a good fit for your holistic care.



Gut Rebalance & Restore

Whether you are dealing with:

Autoimmune diseases


Digestive complaints

Brain fog

Skin issues

Mood disorders

Diabetes/Metabolic issues

Weight loss resistance

Body aches and pains

~ this is the package for you.

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Total Health & Wellness

Let's get an overall look of your health to support healing from the source!

Vitamin & minerals

Oxidative stress



Energy production

Bacterial & yeast dysbiosis

Essential amino acids

Digestion & Gut health

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Functional Weight Loss

What's holding you back?

Diet and Lifestyle

Thyroid Imbalance

Hormone Imbalance

Digestion and Gut Health


Sluggish Detoxification

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Nutrient Deficiencies

Let's work bring you back to balance!

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Healthy Hormones

Whether you're a man or women - if balancing your hormones (both stress and sex) is the ultimate goal, then this is the package for you.



Conception Preparation



Adrenal function/cortisol

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Medical Weight Loss

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Our Functional Medical Weight Loss Program offers all the support

you need to meet your weight loss goal in a healthy way and stay there! 


PR 3-Month Medical Weight Loss Programs includes:

- Functional Lab Work and Interpretation at the start and finish of your program.

- Access to an Integrative Medical Physician throughout your program.

- Weekly/biweekly sessions with a Board-Certified Functional Nutritionist.

- GLP-1 Semaglutide weight loss medication.

- Meal plan, handouts and all the support you need!


PR Medical Weight Loss

Start Here!


PR Medical Weight Loss Extension

Let's keep it going!


PR Medical Weight Loss Maintenance

I reached my goal!

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