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About: Bio
About: Bio

Meet The Team

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Mary Kate Fuller, MS, CNS, LDN, CHHP

Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

Licensed Functional Nutritionist, Mary Kate Gowdy, works with you in a holistically focused manner to find the deep-rooted reasoning behind symptoms, disorders and illness whether that be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  She focuses on natural healing methods including food as medicine, quality supplements, movement and stress reduction techniques to help support healing from the source, rather than masking symptoms. 

With the varied nutritional information out there today, it can get confusing on what to do when it comes to the foods you consume.  It can be confusing because true healing is never one size fits all and every individual is unique.  Your personal dietary needs depend on genetics, medications, specific nutrient deficiencies, possible food intolerances or sensitivities, your upbringing and medical history, your ability to digest your foods optimally, traumas and so much more.

Nutrition is a science; it is medicine, and it is deeply personal - therefore Mary Kate spends time with you in order to create a completely personalized plan to bring balance back to the body and mind.  When we utilize essential nutrition, the body then has the building blocks needed to function optimally, balance and heal. This, in turn, sets the stage for a happy and healthy life.

True nutrition should not be seen as a ‘diet’ in the way of restriction, guilt or deprivation.  Rather it should be seen as the ultimate act of self-love.  It’s a way of listening to your body, being mindful of ones needs and intentionally nourishing your body and mind each and every day.  Mary Kate helps you get there.

Mary Kate received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Temple University and her Master of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  She is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist and Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Over the last 11 years, Mary Kate has been dedicated to working in the Integrative Health and Functional Medicine field, focusing primarily on Nutritional Medicine.  She enjoys connecting with her clients, truly getting to know them and their story while working with them throughout each step of their personal health journey.

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Naomi Willams RN, BSN, CHC

Registered Nurse and Health Coach

Naomi has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. She has worked in several different capacities including instructing, surgery, hospital and behavioral health. She has a passion for true wellness which brought her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017. She graduated as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and was certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals in 2018.  Naomi also received her Stretch Certification through the American Sports and Fitness Association 2019. 


Her focus as a Health Coach is individualized support and positive feedback.  Naomi truly gets to know her clients to understand the root cause of stagnation, works with them to maximize self-awareness and mindfulness and supports them in lifestyle changes on their road to optimal health.


Naomi holds a safe and encouraging space as she meets clients through her Grocery Store Tours, Walk and Talks, and Kitchen Clean-ups.  She offers practical nutritional and healthy lifestyle guidance and accountability support through all her services. 


Everyone needs a Health Coach and positive support system on their journey to true health.  Whether your goal is weight loss, mental and emotional grounding and centering, or overall optimal health and wellness, Naomi has a wealth of knowledge as a Healthcare Professional and Health Coach.  She enjoys sharing practical ideas on how to incorporate positive changes and living your best life.

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Laura Flood, MS, CNS, LDN

Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

Laura is a Board-Certified Functional Nutritionist with a passion for finding the root cause of health concerns through functional testing and a thorough discussion of your current symptoms and health history. She uses food as medicine along with personalized quality supplement protocols when needed. She’ll be your teammate on your nutrition journey, taking the time to listen and work with you to find nutrition and lifestyle interventions that work best with your schedule and food preferences.  Her clients leave each session feeling heard and confident in following through with their personalized nutrition plan.


Laura practices from a Heath at Every Size® and non-diet approach to nutrition. Meaning that your health status is not dictated by a number on the scale, but rather, how you feel and the symptoms your body uses to communicate to you it needs support. Your lab work and functional testing have much more insight into your health than your weight. The evidence-based research has shown that people who go on restrictive diets with the intention to lose weight end up gaining weight in the long run. Restrictive diets and a diet mindset can have serious negative health outcomes in the long run. Laura works with you to find food freedom and cultivate self-love around food and your body image.


Laura's specialties include mental health nutrition, digestive disorders, and women’s hormones, though she has experience working with a variety of other health conditions.  The gut and brain are connected via the vagus nerve. Thus, mental health nutrition, and digestive wellness are intertwined. In addition to dietary and supplement recommendations, she teaches exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve to increase your parasympathetic response (the “rest and digest” state). She is passionate about getting to the root cause of your irregular periods, so you can live life with less pain, increase your fertility, or simply be on a consistent cycle.


Laura earned her Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She was awarded her Certified Nutrition Specialist®(CNS) credential from the American Nutrition Association.  She resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new parks: hiking, trail running, and slowing down to take a “forest bath”.

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Kayla Martin, MS, CNS, LDN

Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

Kayla Martin is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist who specializes in functional nutrition to promote healing and optimize health and wellbeing. A functional nutrition model considers the whole body and mind, including factors such as food, sleep, stress, and the environment before creating an individualized nutrition plan.


Kayla believes food can be medicine, but it doesn’t have to be the central focus of every single day or take up someone’s entire brain space. She loves helping people improve their life with food without making it an unhealthy obsession.

Kayla entered the world of nutrition after years of struggling with an eating disorder herself, so she
knows how challenging it can be to make changes around nutrition and the way we perceive our
bodies. She understands that your health is determined by how you feel, not how you look and
she utilizes lab work, health histories, and her client's invaluable insight on their own bodies to
create individualized nutrition plans to meet their unique needs.

Kayla has worked in public health for many years, teaching hundreds of children in Title One
schools and adults who qualify for public assistance. She’s passionate about working with people
who have resource restrictions and helping them come up with creative ways that they can reach
the health goals they once thought were out of reach!

She has experience working with digestive disorders, hormonal concerns, eating disorders and
metabolic syndrome. She weaves her background in psychology into her client care to support her client’s mental and emotional health. As an avid trail runner, Kayla also enjoys working with other female athletes.

Kayla received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and her Master's Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She earned her Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential from the American Nutrition Association. She has specialty training as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and integrates all three educational experiences into her nutrition counseling.

Kayla lives in Missoula, Montana and enjoys trail running, exploring in the mountains, and traveling to new places with her partner and black lab named Tiny.

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