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Sweet and Salty Dairy-Free Chocolate Milkshake

This protein shake is tasty enough to pass for dessert and healthy enough to be your new favorite breakfast! It contains enough protein, fiber, and healthy fats to be a complete meal. Plus, it’s quick to make and delicious. Making it a go-to breakfast or post-workout meal. 

Why Bone Broth Protein Powder?

First off, the texture is super smooth- making it a creamy milkshake consistency.

Bone broth is a gut-health superfood because it contains high quantities of the amino acid l-glutamine. L-glutamine aids in healing the lining of your small intestines. It helps with many different symptoms: gas, bloating, brain fog, fatigue, allergies, low immunity, low mood, skin issues, and more! Ever heard of leaky gut? Leaky Gut, also known as Increased Intestinal Permeability is helped tremendously with bone broth, thanks to l-glutamine. Read more about Leaky Gut HERE


1 scoop PurePaleo Bone Broth Protein Powder by Designs for Health 

1 tablespoon Cacao powder (replace with cocoa or carob if caffeine-sensitive)

1 tablespoon Flax seeds

1 tablespoon Peanut butter (choose peanut butter with peanuts as the only ingredient)

1 Banana, frozen

1 Date, soaked in hot water (optional for extra sweetness)

1 handful of ice

1 handful of baby spinach (omit if you want milk chocolate color)

1 pinch of Celtic sea salt

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (I like Califia Farms 3 Ingredient Organic Almond Milk)


Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth

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