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Grab and Go Overnight Oats

These overnight oats are a game changer for busy mornings. Batch prep in the evening and store in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

Skipping breakfast starts us off on a blood sugar roller coaster. Our blood sugar plummets, we feel starving and crave quick sugar carbohydrates, and then our blood sugar spikes following those quick carbs, and finally it quickly plummets. And the cycle continues.

The blood sugar roller coaster of skipping breakfast causes fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, binge eating, and weight gain.

Set yourself up for success by preparing a protein and fiber-rich breakfast the night before. Protein and fiber at breakfast keep us satiated, focused, and energized until lunchtime. 

The protein in this meal comes from collagen peptides, chia seeds, and nuts and seeds. If you’re vegetarian or vegan substitute the collagen peptides for a plant-based protein powder, like PurePea by Designs for Health

If oats haven’t sat well with your stomach in the past, overnight oats might be an option for you. By allowing them to absorb the nut milk overnight they are “predigested”, resulting in less gas and bloating. 

Makes 4 servings


  • 2 cups rolled oats

  • 2 cups almond milk

  • 4 tablespoons collagen peptides

  • 1 cup organic unsweetened coconut yogurt

  • 4 tablespoons chia seeds

  • 4 teaspoons raw honey or maple syrup

  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • A pinch of Celtic sea salt

  • 2 cups organic berries, fresh or frozen for topping

  • 1 cup nuts or seeds (like almonds, walnuts, or sunflower seeds) for topping


  • Prepare the Jars:

    • Grab four large individual mason jars.

  • Layer the Dry Ingredients:

    • In each mason jar, add 1/2 cup of rolled oats as the first layer.

    • Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of chia seeds on top of the oats.

    • Add 1 tbs collagen peptides to each mason jar.

  • Add the Wet Ingredients:

    • Pour 1/2 cup of almond milk over the dry ingredients in each jar.

    • Add 1/4 cup coconut yogurt on top of the milk in each jar.

    • Add 1 teaspoon of raw honey or maple syrup into each jar.

    • Add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and a pinch of salt to each jar.

  • Mix Well:

    • Use a spoon to gently mix the ingredients in each jar until well combined. Ensure the oats are fully submerged in the liquid.

  • Cover and Refrigerate:

    • Seal each mason jar with a lid and place them in the refrigerator.

    • Let them sit overnight or for at least 4-6 hours to allow the oats to absorb the liquid.

  • Top and Serve:

    • Before serving, give each jar a good stir.

    • Top with organic berries and nuts or seeds of your choice

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