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Four Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Health

Food is the foundation of what we do as functional nutritionists, but it’s not everything. Holistic health means caring for your physical, mental and emotional health. The start of any health journey can feel overwhelming so here are four simple, cheap and highly effective steps you can take to start improving your health today!


The human body is mostly made of water, and we use it for so many cellular processes, including:

  • Regulating body temperature

  • Immune function

  • Skin health

  • Eye health

  • Joint lubrication

  • Sleep

  • Mood and cognition

Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces a day and add more if you exercise regularly or it’s hot outside. If you struggle to drink enough water, it may be time to put a little effort into finding a strategy that works for you. Consider getting a water bottle that’s easy to carry or commit to starting every morning with a large glass of water.


Movement is essential for physical and emotional wellbeing. The average American sits for 13 to 15 hours a day and when sleep is factored in, that’s almost the whole day! Some of the negative effects of sitting can be counteracted by adding small, regular movements throughout the day.

If you aren’t regularly exercising, now’s the time to start! What type of movement do you enjoy? Could you walk for ten minutes after lunch, go to a yoga class with a friend, sign up for a weightlifting class, or find a YouTube video you like? The best exercise is the one you’ll actually do, so find something (really anything!) you enjoy.


Most of our vitamin D comes from the sun, but it’s rare that people spend enough time outdoors to maximize the effects. Vitamin D is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies and 41% of adults have a vitamin D deficiency. The benefits of vitamin D are far reaching and impact almost every single body system.

Not only is sunshine essential for boosting vitamin D stores, but it’s great for improving mood. Next time you’re having a rough day, spend ten minutes outside and see if anything shifts!


Quality sleep can be hard to come by. If you struggle with sleep, audit your morning and evening routines. Do you have a routine and if not, could you start? Here are a few actions you could take to improve your sleep today:

  • Spend five to ten minutes outside in the morning to set your circadian rhythm.

  • Put electronics away an hour before bed to help your brain wind down.

  • Make sure your room is dark or purchase a sleep mask.

  • Keep the bedroom temperature cool so your body can really rest.

Functional nutrition is about the whole body and mind and these practices are the perfect place to start! Nailing these simple strategies establishes the foundation you need to start optimizing your health. If you’re ready to go deeper, consider booking a Free Discovery Call to learn more about what we offer.


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