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Integrative Clinical Nutrition

Integrative Clinical Nutrition is a client-focused, holistic approach to overall wellness and healing.  It is a philosophy that promotes the use of food as medicine to prevent and alleviate diet and lifestyle-related disease.  By addressing the root cause of disease or dysfunction, true healing is the focus rather than masking symptoms.

Every individual is unique and therefore no one plan works for everyone.  Through extensive health assessments, symptoms analysis, nutrition focused physical examination and functional testing, together we find the deep rooted reasoning for illness and work from the inside out to support healing from the source.  This is not a diet, but an understanding of the true self mind, body and spirit.  When we utilize essential nutrition and nature's medicine, the body has the building blocks needed to work optimally.  This, in turn, sets the stage for a happy and healthy life.

Functional Testing

Unlike conventional blood chemistry testing which uses 'pathological' reference ranges to diagnose disease, Functional Testing utilizes 'optimal' ranges in order to assess disease risk and identify sub-clinical health problems long before they manifest as diseases.  The body is an interconnected system, and therefore we need to look at the whole picture rather than individual parts.

At Purely Rooted Nutrition and Wellness, we offer science based testing to construct truly individualized food and supplement protocols.  Whether you are experiencing digestive distress, allergies, body aches and pains, skin conditions, mood imbalances, etc., we will find what your body truly needs to heal and support that process.

Natural Medicine
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