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Castor Oil Packs - FAQs

Updated: Jul 9

You've heard about Castor Oil Packs and you're ready to give it a try! Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1) Can I just drink Castor Oil or rub it on my skin?

Castor Oil is a stimulant laxative that when taken orally, can cause cramping and make you rush to go to the bathroom. We don't usually recommend drinking castor oil.

Simply rubbing Castor Oil on your skin and throwing an old T-shirt overtop (A.K.A. the “Lazy Castor Oil Pack”) only gives you about 50% of the benefits.

You see, the pack and the Castor Oil work synergistically together to help you feel better. The movement of the body breathing works as a sort of 'pump' supporting the body's absorption, circulation and therefore supportive benefits.

2) Will it impact any of my medications, hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, IUD or supplements?

No, Castor Oil Packs can be safely combined with any medication and supplement and may even help them work better.

Castor Oil Packs are safe to use while on hormone replacements, TTC medicines or birth control pills. They are safe to use with internal IUDs.

In very rare cases, a hypersensitivity reaction to Castor Oil may occur. If this happens, please discontinue use.

3) Is the Castor Oil Pack messy?

It can be, yes. If you are planning to make your own castor oil pack from organic wool or cotton flannel, you will want to make sure that you have your castor oil 'gear' ready. An old blanket or towel to lay on and clothes you don't care for (or just get in your birthday suit).

However, if you choose a pack that has straps like Queen of Thrones, it can be way less messy than a DIY pack. Always wear an old T-shirt over top, just in case.

Please note: It’s important to use fresh oil with each use and replace your pack after 2-3 months if you’re using it daily.

4) Do I have to add heat?

Though extra heat might be is nice with a DIY castor oil pack, it's not necessary with a Queen of Thrones pack because it's engineered to naturally hold in your body heat. Heat isn’t necessary though. Used as a modality in natural wellness, heat slows things down, so depending on your bowel function you can use it appropriately. If you go to the bathroom too much, adding heat may help to slow things down. If you don’t go enough, let your own natural body heat do the job.

5) How can I use Castor Oil Packs for best benefits?

Following your circadian rhythm is encouraged. The nightly practice of using Castor Oil Packs promotes waking up feeling rested. In the morning, waking and stimulating your skin with a Castor Oil Dry Brush naturally promotes energy.

6) Do I Have to Wash My Pack?

Like a house, if your foundation is strong, your house will last forever. If you are careful to keep the oil in the center of the compress, avoiding the seams, then there is no need to wash the pack. According to Edgar Cayce, the bedside healer who popularized the self-care practice in the early 1900s, castor oil packs were never to be washed. Though, you may want to switch your pack out every 2-3 months.

7) How to Wash my Castor Oil Pack?

We recommend after a period of about three months, to replace the pack and start new. Washing your castor oil pack is quite easy. Ideally, your goal is to not wash it, instead being careful to keep the oil in the middle of the pack, away from the seams.

Before 1st use, you may want to wash your new pack as recent research from the National Institute of Health shows that even organic materials may contain traces of chemicals via packaging, transportation and warehousing. But luckily, washing was shown to significantly reduce or even eliminate these chemicals completely.

It’s like when you buy your produce, you always wash it first, right? Even if it’s organic! Same rule should apply to the clothing and fabrics you place on your body. This is an unwritten rule, especially for people with extra sensitive skin – trace chemical residues may cause mild reactions.

A new pack can be hand washed or machine washed with natural detergent and laid flat to dry. However, once you have started adding oil to your pack, it’s best NOT to wash it.

Washing an oily pack may lead to oil sticking to the outer “less mess” layer of the pack, making it messier and decreasing its natural lifecycle.

If you wish to wash the pack:

  1. Soak overnight in a bowl in a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and natural dish soap.

  2. In the morning, hand wash with hot water and natural dish soap, wring it out very well.

  3. Take an old tea towel (that you don’t mind ruining) and lay the outer layer of the pack against it. Roll the pack up in the tea towel, blotting out the oil until there is little oily residue left on the outer layer.

  4. Hang to dry.


  1. Put your castor oil pack in your dishwasher, securing it by tying the straps to the inner rack.

  2. Run your dishwasher with a natural dishwashing soap.

  3. Remove from dishwasher, using an old tea towel, roll it up in the towel to blot and press out any oil residue.

  4. Hang to dry.

8) Can I Share My Castor Oil Pack?

Absolutely not! It’s like underwear, keep it to yourself. It’s for your own distinct health treatment and you do not want to be sharing it with anyone.

9) How does Castor Oil get through the skin?

The active component of Castor Oil is ricinoleic acid. Castor Oil is composed approximately of 75-85% of this fatty acid. It has a molecular weight of 298 daltons. In dermatological medicine there is what is called the 500 Dalton Rule. Substances that are below 500 daltons can permeate through the lower layer of the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin. It may then go deeper, into the dermis, that contains the blood and lymphatic vessels.

These are the superhighways of the body, transporting substances like Castor Oil into the body. Compression also helps to put tension on the skin, facilitating its deep penetration. So, using the pack is a very important part of the practice. 10) Should I use Castor Oil Packs during my period?

Yes, you can! In fact, it may help with reduction of pain and cramping associated with your period. The concern was that the Castor Oil Pack would make you bleed more. This is not the case, you will bleed what you have to bleed independent of the pack. However, if it’s your first time EVER doing a Castor Oil Pack, wait until your period is over. Consider practicing this self-care method throughout the month to support wellness. After regular usage there is no issue doing it during your period. 11) How often do I need to replace my Castor Oil Pack?

Things don’t last forever, but in general, with daily usage your pack should last 2-3 months. For those who care for it well or use less frequently, longer. 12) When is the best time to do the Castor Oil Packs?

There really is no best time, but it is best to do it DAILY! Before bed is ideal because they may help relax your body and promote a restful sleep. 13) How long do I wear my Castor Oil Packs for?

Wear your Castor Oil Pack for a minimum of 1 hour each day, or ideally overnight. 14) What kind of material should I use for my Castor Oil Pack?

Using organic cotton, wool or linen for the side that touches your skin is ideal. Otherwise, materials may contain brominated flame retardants that are hormone, nervous and immune system disrupting. The Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Pack is made with organic cotton and an outer less mess layer that is thermally bonded (a cleaner alternative to chemical bonding) to a middle layer of organic cotton. 15) Why Should I buy my Castor Oil in a glass bottle and organic?

Castor Oil is a carrier substance. In a plastic bottle, Castor Oil may grab onto the chemicals in plastic and bring them into your body. All oils should be in a glass bottle if you are using them into your body. Organic is simply better because it is produced cleaner and has had less exposure to chemicals and pesticides. 16) How much Castor Oil do I use per application?

Always start fresh and apply 1 tbsp of organic Castor Oil in the center of the pack with each use.

Ready to get started?

You can purchase DIY Castor Oil Packs and Oil in our Fullscript Online Store HERE.

You can purchase a Castor Oil Pack with straps in our Queen of Thrones Store HERE.

Here's your Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Pack eBook!

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